The founder of the company, landscape architect Rasa Jaskelevičiūtė, has always felt overwhelmed by nature. According to Rasa: “The nature outside of the city is strong, it thrives and creates kindness that inspires and nurtures a human being. But in the city, at home and in the working environment, it is necessary to consciously create oases of nature, because that is how we become stronger, gain emotional and physical strength.”

Thus in February of 2017 the company called “Žydinčios sienos” was born, where specialists create, design and install live, real, naturally growing plant pictures, green walls and partitions in private houses as well as business and public spaces.

“Žydinčios sienos” are special because of their innovative vertical gardening solutions. Rasa Jaskelevičiūtė, the founder of the company, developed the idea and business partnerships already at the University of Milan, where she studied landscape design and architecture. She gained practical knowledge and experience of vertical gardening in international companies “NaturesGreen” (Holland) and “Ortisgreen” (Italy).

The company has set ambitious objectives, and Rasa Jaskelevičiūtė is committed to adapting the know-how and experience gained in Western European countries to the Lithuanian market, where vertical gardening is only taking its first steps.