For home

Modern people strive to make every detail from clothing to home environment impeccable, to reflect our uniqueness, originality, attitude and creativity.

In collaboration with leading Italian and Dutch landscape designers, we offer an innovative solution for your home: live, growing plants that are cultivated in a unique manner by placing them horizontally, on the walls.

Live, naturally growing plants in a special frame create pictures of various sizes that you can combine and hang on the walls:

  • An oasis of green nature at home: physical and emotional health
  • Space-saving solution with no need to place any pots
  • Easy maintenance and care: natural light coming through the windows is sufficient. Plants are watered through an integrated watering system
  • Add a touch of unique style and composed luxury to your apartment or house

We design, consult and assist in the installation of vertical walls of naturally growing plants, create and customise live plant pictures of different sizes.

We work only with naturally growing, live plants, because no alternative solutions that preserve the vital functions of plants could replace their benefits: from the oxygen-enriched air to a relaxed atmosphere or an oasis of nature in your house.

Consult and turn your home space into an environment distinctive for its unique, personal style, and composed luxury.

Care-free maintenance allows you to simply enjoy and love your plants by creating peaceful natural environment at home.