For business

In a fast-paced corporate world, overwhelmed with technologies and stress, a plant in an office is a gulp of natural freshness and tranquillity bringing harmony of body and spirit.

Partnering up with innovative European plant designers, we offer living plant pictures, green walls and partitions for offices, restaurants, hotels and other types of business spaces.

Bring a fraction of nature into your work environment!

  • decorate your space with specially framed vertical gardens;
  • divide large spaces with living plant partitions or walls;
  • spruce-up your offices with living plant pictures.

It is a convenient and care-free solution demanding little maintenance and a fresh approach to bringing quality and creating people-oriented company image.

Each living plant picture is an extraordinary way of conveying the company’s unique style and a sign of composed luxury.

Neither living plant pictures nor green walls require any special or complex care.

Vibrant vertical gardens create emotional well-being paving the path for success, whatever the goals.